Fielder Feasibility Questions

The Feasibility Team wants all church members to be informed about what is going on with the study to see about the proposal of merging with Fielder Church. Below are the statements they have sent out along with the answers from Fielder about questions you have asked.

After 1st Meeting on August 9, 2018

In an effort to keep you better informed, we would like to expound upon the information that was shared this past Sunday. Our first meeting with Fielder Church was very productive. The group quickly determined that our greatest overall objective is seeking the Lord’s guidance and direction for where He is leading us to reach the people of South Arlington, Kennedale, and Mansfield. Based on our initial conversation, we believe that both entities are like-minded in theological beliefs and giving priorities to cooperative programs and ministries.
We shared copies of the respective church bylaws to be reviewed and discussed at our next meeting. With your input over the past three weeks, the Transition Team has compiled and coordinated a list of questions to be answered by the Fielder team. We will discuss these at our August 20th meeting.
The transition team will continue to keep you updated on our discussions with Fielder as well as what the next steps will be. We ask each of you to be in prayer regarding this process. Pray that God provides wisdom, discernment, and unity for everyone involved as we move forward.

After 2nd Meeting on August 20, 2018

The Feasibility Team had another productive meeting with the Leadership Team of Fielder Church. This meeting covered a wide range of topics and included an initial list of questions comprised of feedback we received from the congregation.

In an effort to be good stewards of everyone’s time we tried to start with broad topics and questions we felt related to most of the congregation. In order to be communicative and transparent, we have provided a list of those questions along with Fielder’s responses to this email. There will also be printed copies on Sunday morning for you to review and make notes as you may have additional questions.

After meeting with Fielder Church and discussing with the Transition Team, the Transition Team would like to recommend moving forward with a church merger between Fielder Church and South Oaks Baptist Church. This was a unanimous decision by the Transition Team.

Before we met we understood the church’s sense of urgency to come to a conclusion in a time frame of approximately four to six weeks. We wanted to honor that urgency and not keep either church from proceeding to the appropriate next steps.

Based on the meeting with the Fielder Leadership Team, we feel they are humble individuals with a passion to share what God is doing. They were quick to point to the Lord and take the focus away from themselves or Fielder Church. We would like for you to form your own opinion of these people so we are arranging a Town Hall Meeting on Sunday night, September 16th for you to come and ask them questions and get a sense of their spirit, heart, and character.

This date was chosen partially due to the approaching Labor Day holiday and a scheduling conflict the next week for Fielder. This will also allow ample time for you to reflect on Fielder’s answers, form new questions, and prayerfully consider the direction you feel God is leading. The following week on Sunday, September 23rd there will be a special called business meeting to vote on whether South Oaks Baptist Church will merge with Fielder Church.

If you are interested in learning more about church mergers, The Feasibility Team and Fielder Leadership team are reading a book on the subject titled “Better Together” by Jim Tomberlin & Warren Bird.

If you have any questions please find someone on the Transition Team or Feasibility Team. We will be glad to answer your questions to the best of our ability. We appreciate your continued prayers and would ask that you specifically pray that God would make His will evident and that we would obediently follow where He is leading.

Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you. – Psalm 9:10