Life Group Values


It is important to create an atmosphere where group members affirm and encourage one another, build each other up in Christ and help each other grow.


Group members and their resources of time, attention, insight, as well as material resources, are available to each other in order to meet needs and serve one another.


The desire to be honest with each other is critical to authentic relationships. In order for trust to be built among group members, they must speak the truth in love, so that “we will in all things grow up into Him who is the Head, that is Christ.” (Eph. 4:15)

In-Depth Bible Study

As the group goes deeper into God’s Word, they not only learn more of the character of God but also are challenged to live out His character in the world.


Openness in the relationships within the group promotes honesty and an ease of sharing feelings, struggles, joys, and hurts. Reaching the goal of authentic relationships begins with being open with each other.


Everyone is given the right to their own opinion, and “dumb questions” are encouraged and respected. We are committed to participating.


Prayer is valued in group life. Prayer encourages group members to be humble, knowing that all comes from God. In prayer, they also feel values and come to understand their own worth. As the group sees God move to answer prayer concerns of members, the whole group will grow in their understanding of God.


Honest, open relationships must be guarded with an agreement of safety that what is said in the group will remain confidential, that opinions will be respected and differences will be allowed.


A commitment to sensitivity to the needs, feelings, backgrounds and current situations of other group members will help build relationships in the group. This includes taking advantage of professional expertise of a member as a result of group meetings (e.g. asking the member who is a plumber to take a look at the leaky faucet) and agreeing not to gossip or speak derogatorily about people not at the meeting.


We will be “real” with God and with each other, becoming vulnerable with other group members. This is an imperfect group for imperfect people in an imperfect church.